ReferenceFull payable feeMedicare/Insurance rebateGap fee-out of pocket expense
Short consult/Medicare$ 34.00$ 17.50$ 16.50
Regular Consult/ Medicare$ 55.00$ 38.20$ 16.80
Long Consult/Medicare$ 90.00$ 73.95$ 17.20
Extra Long Consult/Medicare$ 124.00$ 108.85$ 15.15
Short consult –No Medicare card$ 34.00Please consult your insurance company$ 34.00
Regular Consult – No Medicare card/privately insured$ 55.00Please consult your insurance company$ 55.00
Long Consult – No Medicare card/privately insured$ 90.00Please consult your insurance company$ 90.00
Extra Long Consult – No Medicare card/ privately insured$ 124.00Please consult your insurance company$ 124.00
Standard under 65 years driving licence forms – with a chronic condition – existing patients onlyBulk BilledBulk BilledBulk Billed
Standard more than 65 years driving licence medical forms-only existing patientsBulk BilledBulk BilledBulk Billed
Commercial Licence/ Taxi Licence forms$ 150.00Nil$ 150.00
ReferenceFull Payable FeeMedicare/Insurance RebateGap Fee/Out of pocket expense
Prescription Only – not seen by Doctor$ 10.00Nil$ 10.00
Facility Fee-Chargeable for all Procedures Performed in the Practice- e.g. stitches/ biopsy$ 30.00Nil$ 30.00
Pre- Employment Health Examination$ 250.00Nil$ 250.00
Preparation of documents
–Income Protection/Other Insurance Paperwork
$ 20.00 per page (one sided)Please consult your insurance company$ 20.00 per page (one sided)
Implanon Insertion$ 30.00 – (Facility Fee)Nil$ 30.00
Implanon Removal$ 30.00 – (Facility Fee)Nil$ 30.00
Mirena Insertion (Initial consult required)$ 90.00Nil$ 90.00
Mirena Removal$ 70.00Nil$ 70.00
Iron Injection$ 50.00Nil$ 50.00
All procedures EG- Wedge Resection/Eye Foreign Body Removal, Punch Biopsy, Complex Dressing & Stiches/Gluing, Ear Syringe$ 30.00 – ( Facility Fee)Nil$ 30.00

Pensioners, healthcare card holders, age over 65 and under 16 are bulk billed